Are new H-1B restrictions forthcoming?

Stuart Anderson of Forbes wrote an informative article about the H-1B visa and its effects on the economy and jobs of U.S. workers.  The H-1B visa actually stimulates the economy and helps create U.S. jobs, rather than the opposite, according to various studies.  This article gives a nice summary about companies that use the H-1B visa, the current trend in H-1B denials, and some information on how the H-1B visa is good for our country.

Immigration Review Could Lead To New H-1B Visa Restrictions

The Trump administration may soon propose another set of immigration restrictions, this time on H-1B visas for foreign-born scientists and engineers. Some observers view these public displays of limiting immigration as an effort to deflect criticism of the administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Before enacting new measures, analysts recommend the administration take into account the restrictions on H-1Bs already in current law, including the low annual limit for new H-1B petitions, and the high denial rates imposed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The latest data show H-1B denial rates are at record levels.

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