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We prevailed on another federal court matter

This morning, a judge with the United States District Court for the District of Columbia granted our motion for preliminary injunction against United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Our client filed for an H-1B petition in 2017, which was

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Are new H-1B restrictions forthcoming?

Stuart Anderson of Forbes wrote an informative article about the H-1B visa and its effects on the economy and jobs of U.S. workers.  The H-1B visa actually stimulates the economy and helps create U.S. jobs, rather than the opposite, according

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The future of the H-4 EAD

In a seeming change of opinion, DHS asks a judge to not block the H-4 EAD (certain spouses of H-1B workers are entitled to an H-4 employment authorization document) rule that was created by the Obama administration.  The Trump administration

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Do H-1B Employers Underpay Their H-1B Employees?

Research by the Cato Institute says no. 100% of H‑1B Employers Offer Average Market Wages—78% Offer More The Economic Policy Institute (EPI) released a report last week that purports to show that “H‑1B employers undercut local wages.” Employers use the H‑1B program to hire temporary

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