USCIS Acquiesces to Judge’s Decision in ITServe Alliance

The IT Consulting industry has been hit hard by President Trump’s immigration policies.  The industry fought back and won.  USCIS settles with ITServe Alliance, and it will rescind the 2018 Third Party Worksite Memo and will not apply the requirements in the 2010 Neufeld Memo.  This is a huge win for the industry.   Congratulations to Wasden Banias Immigration and Litigation on this incredible victory!

USCIS-ITServe Settlement Overturns 10 Years Of H-1B Visa Policies

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has agreed to a settlement with the business group ITServe Alliance that overturns 10 years of policies restricting employers and H-1B visa holders. The settlement follows a pivotal March 10, 2020, District Court opinion that repudiated key USCIS actions and a May 20, 2020, judge’s opinion in Georgia that ruled against USCIS policies.

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